Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dissecting Secular Liberalism

By Uzair Saroya

Amidst the multifarious political and social philosophies that are in practice all around the world, secularism and liberalism stand out as the most fiercely advocated ones. They derive their legitimacy mainly from the fact that the nations which have adopted these ideas as their national policy have prospered and progressed, and those which have failed to do so are in ruins. We are here to examine the validity of these claims, and in the process know about the roots of these philosophies. The main purpose of this article is to make sense of these ideas from a perspective of an average man living in the south-east of Asia (where religion still holds sway over masses).

If we start from the beginning, as I mostly like to do, we find that there are two dominant narratives that can help us understand the present socio-political paradigms of our world. One is the narrative of Semitic Religions, and the other is the ‘modern scientific narrative’. These two are opposite and contradictory, but both of them have more or less equal explanatory power (depending on the preconceived notions of the observer/reader).

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seven Indispensable Career Goals | An Islamic Perspective

By Omar Javaid

When I ask my students about their career objectives and their strategy to accomplish their objectives, I get responses which can only be classified as herd mentality. Many even confuse means as ends, and some even assume ends to conform to the means, “Sir, if I am working in a XYZ industry then what should be my career objectives”? I ask, shouldn't it be the other way around? Is your career for your life, or your life is for your career? If the former is true then your career should be meant to fulfill your life’s goals, isn't it!

The eventual consequences of such confusion could be of staggering proportions! After lots of discussions I have come across that (a) Financial Independence, (b) Respect, (c) Internal Satisfaction, (d) Fulfillment of religious obligations, (e) 360 deg. upbringing of offspring, and (f) Personal Health… are mandatory outcomes of a career and one’s life could get permissible if anyone of these is missing…

One the other hand, I often sees students intends to become filthy wealth, famous & powerful through their careers while completely ignoring the above and assuming as if these can actually somehow bring happiness in their lives, evidence however suggests the contrary...

Let’s shed some light on each of these objectives, how they are fundamentally important to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and how without anyone of these one’s life might become unlivable.