Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mockery Of Law In Pakistan‏

The famous Supreme Court verdict related to the rigging in the 2013 General elections captured lot of attention in the media and general masses. However it is pretty surprising that a very important verdict given by the supreme court on October 6th 2015 related to “RIBA” (Usury/interest) went unnoticed in the media , apart from few print news here and there, there was no media coverage on the verdict given by the supreme court, a verdict which not only shows how deplorable our justice system is but also shows that the people giving the judgment are shamelessly going against the constitution of Pakistan.

The constitution of Pakistan in article 227 says that"
All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah, in this Part referred to as the Injunctions of Islam, and no law shall be enacted which is repugnant to such Injunctions.
“The honorable judge ruled out that those who are not willing to deal with interest shouldn’t deal with it, while the others dealing with it will be questioned by Allah”. My question and worry is if everybody will be questioned by Allah then why are Laws made? A Murderer will be questioned by Allah, a person involved in corruption will be questioned by Allah and list can go on. Allah has given us criminal laws, social laws and economic Laws so that we may implement them!

I rest the case to the people of Pakistan!

Taha Jan Sarhandi

Sunday, May 17, 2015

This is Pakistan

  • Only Nuclear Power in the Muslim world
  • Four Seasons with all their splendor
  • Deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes... all variety of natural beauty (and we have got tons of it) and beautiful people ;)
  • Best Mangoes in the world
  • Yummiest of traditional foods like chicken karahi, biryani, haleem, dal chawal, halwa puri, nehari etc. etc. 
  • Shan masala ;)
  • Top ranking army and intelligence agency
  • Exemplary hospitality
  • One of the most charitable country (with respect to the percentage share of income)
  • Exemplary spirit of volunteerism 
  • Massive variety of vegetables and fruits, among top ten producer in a verity of agri products like mango, milk, rice, onion, apricot, wheat, oranges, sugarcane etc. etc. 
  • One of the largest irrigation system 
  • One of the largest population of youth
  • One of the most racially tolerant society (Washington post)
  • Emotional, loving, caring, cooperating, passionate people 
  • A strong joint family system
  • Loving mothers 
  • Respect for elders, and spirit to take their care
  • Exhibit of massive resilience and courage during tough times 
  • Gawadar port
  • jugaroo nation (making the lives of the people cost effective)
  • The third cheapest country in the world
  • One of the cheapest in health care as well
  • Any calamity makes the nation united in a blink of an eye
  • Natural resources, shale & natural gas, coal, oil, salt mines, precious stones & minerals 
  • Lowest crime rate when seen in perspective of a ineffective & corrupt law enforcement system
  • A thriving textile, sports, surgical instruments, etc. etc. 
  • The biggest voluntary organization in the world operating from Pakistan: Tablighi Jamat
  • One of the largest private ambulance service in the world thanks to Abdul Sattar Edhi
  • Land of People like Dr. Abdul Bari (Indus Hospital), Dr. Amjad Saqib (Akhuwat), Dr. Adeeb Rizvi (SUIT Hospital), Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Israr Ahmed etc. etc. 
  • Top Islamic scholars in the world are in Pakistan
  • Showing top performance in various sports at international level like Hockey, Cricket, Football, Snooker, Squash, Boxing, Kabaddi, Body Building etc. despite lack of govt. support and funding.