Thursday, January 1, 2015

Systematic Investigation & Measures for Peshawar Attack

By Waqas Inam

Nonconformity requires systematic investigation that includes root cause analysis followed by corrective and preventive measures. Calamities such as the one happened in Peshawar require the same and so did all the previous calamities that we had faced. But unfortunately the response of the regime is always maneuvered on the directives of global players. By analyzing the reaction I don't see any attempt to pinpoint the root cause of such attacks. As for the preventive measure the establishment has tried to take measures to repeat the same errors with even more magnitude enabling the internal chaos to multiply.

I wrote a letter one year back when I was moved by the pain of Quetta Blast. Same goes for innocent children who were martyred in Peshawar attack. Mere candle lights, mere sympathies, mere condemning the evil act, mere reactionary operations on tribal areas is not the way out. We need to analyze the point of inflection in the Geo-political timeline. We had never experienced such flurry of attacks on innocents before the American presence in Pakistan and in the region. If you need to stop this! Then you need to answer the root cause. Within the annihilation of the root cause rests the secret of avoiding these waves of terror.

It is perplexing that on one hand, the government asserts that we are fighting terrorists influenced by foreign hands in the tribal regions, yet on the other, it permits American terrorists on our soil to execute their malicious projects. And this is why on the daytime when the authorities seize the American infiltrators, for example Raymond Davis and Eugene Joel Cox, they released them. This ironic contradiction is for the reason that Pakistan’s regime had neither moved for an impartial systematic investigation nor for the preventive measure on the point of inflection of terrorist attacks.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Higher Education System is Broken - Do You Agree (Last Part)

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The incompatibility of current higher education system with the realities of the 21st century is obvious. If you represent the 19th century with the shape of a square, the 20th century with oval, and the 21st century with circle, and then try to fit the circle inside an oval inside a square, you would understand the problem statement better.

We need to ask: is knowledge transference as educational goal, lectures as instruction strategy, textbooks as instruction resource, rote learning to pass examinations, and grading as motivation for learning irreplaceable truths of education?

Or are these components of a higher education system necessary evils?

The problem is that instead of rethinking knowledge transference as the be-all and end-all of all educational activities, we are simply denying and rejecting it as our current educational goal to begin with. This is nothing but self-deceit. Otherwise, what outcome does one expect from a lecture and textbook based instruction and where students are implicitly encouraged to rote-learn and study for sake of grades?