Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Higher Education System is Broken - Do You Agree (Part 1)

By Farhan Noor

The purpose of this white paper is to fully convince the reader that our current Higher Education System is broken and therefore doesn’t work, especially not in this 21st century.

If, after reading this white paper, you remain unconvinced then I would have failed in my task.

I have presented overwhelming evidence—both logical and scientific in nature—to make what I see as a compelling case.

And have concluded with a request to government policymakers, university administrators, instructors, and students to convince others of the same. After all, the first step towards improvement is deep understanding and sincere acknowledgement of the problem statement itself; the solution comes later.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Green Dawn – The Death and Rebirth of a Nation

By Mahnoor Khan

Pakistan and Pakistani – two words that instill a myriad of emotions in the hearts of many. Two simple words that can create a sense of shame, and fear in the hearts of lots of people.

It is no mystery that Pakistan has endured its fair share of troubles. It’s no mystery that Pakistan has been the center of an infinitesimal number of problems that give birth to pain, anguish, hatred, jealousy, fear and above all, death.

As a nation, we have seen our country fall apart, others around us rise and our very home become the centerfold of chaos. We feel detached from our country, as if we were a child who was separated from their mother. We find ourselves burying ourselves in the voids of pain and depression that we have cast ourselves into. We bury ourselves in ourselves in disbelief, in hopes that it will all go away.

We have seen our economy fall and our people die before our very eyes. We have seen our citizens – rich and poor – take each other’s lives for the minutest of differences; religion, color, opinion, affiliation. We have seen a chain of bombs scar the land, a rain of bullets soar through the sky and darken the land below and a pool of blood on our land that has not washed away. Rich or poor, we have all experienced hunger, thirst, poverty and the fear of no tomorrow in our own way.