Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pornification of Women's image in Western Culture

Sometimes backed I watched a few TED talks (by Gail Dines, Holly Baxter, Jean Kilbourne, Ran Gavrieli) on the impact of the image of objectified women in an advertisement in the west is impacting the well-being of women ...

All of them argued that the women in the west are literally forced in the name of freedom of expression to act more like a porn star, and teenage boys (discovering and becoming addicted to porn at an age of 10-12) are also growing up learning the same, with a growing tendency to dominate, oppress, exploit, abuse, humiliate women in their lives ...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Anarchy on the roads of Karachi

The roads in Karachi are on the verge of converting into parking lots for food outlets, shopping malls, coaching centers and of course elite schools (etc.). Busy roads are also becoming a favorite spot for all kinds of protests, political activities and religious processions.

The broken patches, a common sight on every road, only adds to the problem. Despite the increasing severity of the situation, the slumber of authorities on the mess on our roads is alarming. The public also seems to be losing the little road sense they earlier had.

The parked vehicles casually obstruct the traffic, breaking signals is almost a norm, while going on the wrong side of the road with high beams during late hours is in vogue now.